C.W. McGraw
Elementary School

Bring Cheer Campaign

Welcome to Yuma School District #1's Bring Cheer Campaign.

Our mission is to bring cheer to first responders, the military, and people in assisted living homes across this country by providing holiday cards each December.

2022 Goal: 5,000 cards - 2021: 4,100 cards delivered! - 2020: 1,900 cards delivered!

Get Involved

School districts involved:

Yuma School District One, Yuma, AZ
Crane School District, Yuma, AZ
Southwestern Christian School

Get your site involved in the next Bring Cheer Campaign. Here’s how:

  • Email Mark De Young, the Bring Cheer Campaign coordinator, to share that you would like to join the Bring Cheer Campaign.
  • Have your students create holiday cards for first responders, the military, and assisted living homes.
  • Find places around your community to share these cards (i.e., military bases, police stations, fire stations, hospitals, and/or retirement homes).
  • Report back to Mark De Young with the number of cards delivered along with any photos and videos.

Our 2021 Bring Cheer Campaign