C.W. McGraw
Elementary School

Proud Home of the Vikings

Welcome! Thank you for visiting the C.W. McGraw Elementary School’s website. We are the proud home of the Vikings. Our school campus is located in the warm desert climate of Yuma, Arizona, close to the borders of California and Mexico. We are a K–5, Title I, neighborhood school. We are dedicated to educating your students.

Please take some time to explore this site and learn About Us. Contact Us if you'd like. Our school has great activities planned, and we'd like you to know about our latest News and Events. Our Calendar will keep you updated, and we also have a FAQ page for those burning questions you have. Carry on Vikings, one and all!

A Message from Our Principal

Dear Parents,

Welcome to C.W. McGraw Elementary School. We are glad to have you with us! In our school, students come first. Our staff’s dedication to student achievement means we do our best to give our students every opportunity to succeed. It would not be possible to fully educate our students without your support and involvement in their academic endeavors. Please make an effort to participate in your child’s education; we are happy to have your skills and talent.

At C.W. McGraw, we take pride in instilling good character in students, and we work diligently to teach them the basic blocks of learning. Good education and good citizenship go hand in hand. We strive to make every child feel safe at school and provide a nurturing learning environment. Our teachers will help with Personalized Learning to prepare every student to learn challenging concepts at his or her own pace and level. Thank you for entrusting your children to us in order to make the future a better place.


Adar Garcia

Mr. Adar Garcia