C.W. McGraw
Elementary School
We Succeed Together

Our School

Every day we're here, excited to teach your students. We know the importance of a good education–one that is quality and lasting. A good education is one that is memorable and teaches life skills besides just book knowledge. We aim to teach in totality.

Our goal is to prepare your students with the fundamental basics and good character skills so they can progress through each grade level successfully. You'll be interested to know that we offer extracurricular activities such as student council, art history, and orchestra. We're also equipped with a media center and an excellent school library. We may have just over 500 students here at C.W. McGraw Elementary, but that number doesn't hold us or your students back. To us, children are individuals, and we teach them as such.

Our Mission

We believe that the years from kindergarten through fifth grade are developmental years for students' educational experiences. We believe that all children can gain knowledge and skills and develop values—that each individual's potential is unique and that learning is unlimited. We believe that the family is the fundamental foundation of learning and teaching values. These factors combined enable our students to succeed in a global environment.

We are a blended learning school that believes in personalized learning for all of our students. Each child has an iPad assigned to them that we have designed to match their level and ability as well as expose them to grade level material. We believe that this is the greatest way for our teachers to achieve the one-on-one instruction that is necessary to their students' learning.